The 6 Best Audiobooks for a Road Trip By Karen Campbell McGinn

 The 6 Best Audiobooks for Your Family Road Trip

By Karen Campbell McGinn

Family road trips are an essential part of the summer. The open highway, picnics, and curated playlists are most parents’ favorite things. Car sing-a-longs, license plate Bingo, DVDs and ‘I Spy” are a few ways to make a long journey tolerable; but sometimes it’s necessary to do something different and put on a good audiobook.

Raising Your Child to be a Reader By Karen Campbell McGinn

by Karen Campbell McGinn

“How can I help my kid become a reader?” This is a question I hear from the parents of every child I tutor. These concerned parents want their kids to become lifelong readers, but they just don’t know how. I reassure them that the reading battle is not lost; we just need to formulate our strategy so we can win the reading war.

Exploring the Great Outdoors with your Children By Karen Campbell McGinn

by Karen Campbell McGinn

Children are natural explorers. They use all their senses when they’re involved in searching for buried treasure, unusual rocks and creepy critters. They look, listen and touch to determine what is happening around them. They smell the fresh scents of nature, touch what they can reach and taste when given permission. They can climb, dig, run and jump as they discover new places.

Helping Sibling Rivarly By Kerry Alison Wekelo

By Kerry Alison Wekelo

Raising mindful, loving, and kind children is a parent’s wish. A day in the life of parents is one of selflessness in which our kids come first. We strive to be patient as they bicker, fight, question our requests, and negotiate chores. Parenthood is much harder than I ever imagined even being a spiritual and mostly grounded individual.

13 Topics for Summer Weeks 5 - 8 By Jenny Kusters

Having a "Middle of the Summer Activity Crisis"? We got you covered.  Use our Summer Fun Guide to help maintain your sainity and keep the kids active and engaged all summer long.

Week 5: Science

  • Talk about the planets and stars.
  • Create a theory: Try to prove it right or wrong. (What floats? What falls fastest?). Talk about Why? Ask each other lots of Why questions this week and try to come up with answers.

13 Topics for Summer Weeks 1 - 4 By Jenny Kusters

by Jenny Kusters, Blogger for "Habitat at Home" 

In the summer, I am with my children 24/7 as the stay-at-home parent, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. As we know, camp is very expensive. But the kids are still little and you need something to do. So to save money, let's bring elements of camp to the home.

Middle of the Night Date By Jennifer Eckfield

by Jennifer Eckfield

Last weekend my son Jack asked if I would go to Starbucks early Saturday (1 of 2 of the only "sleep in" days for us) morning to have breakfast, peruse through Google, pick out toys and games, and make his list for Santa. Everyday since, he has reminded me of our date. I won't lie, I was thrilled and excited for our time together. It was so important to him, but it was doubly important to me! It's not often your son asks you out on a date. 

13 Topics for Summer Weeks 9 - 13 By Jenny Kusters

Summer in in full swing... need some direction? Maybe a list of things to do? We have you covered.  Use this list as your guide for plenty of activities for kids all summer long, 

Week 9: Business

  • Think of one thing to easily make and sell.
  • First, talk about a very basic business plan: What are we going to make? Who is our market? Where is the best place to sell? What should we charge?

20 Easy April Fool's Day Ideas By Jenny Kusters

by Jenny Kusters, Blogger for "Habitat at Home" --

April Fools Day. Who can think of anything funny enough, honestly? We mull it over for five minutes and give up on the concept. There are far more pressing matters to worry about. Our busy lives, filled with the usual rat race of things to do.

Teaching Kids Care & Kindness By Jennifer Eckfield

by Jennifer Eckfield

OK, so let's start with care and kindness. It sounds so simple but it's not! It's a learned behavior. There is one phrase you will never hear me say or my teachers, or any parent, for that matter: "You should know better". I know adults that don't "know better" so why should kids??? It is OUR job to TEACH them "better"!