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Keeping up with Change By Jennifer Eckfield

by Jennifer Eckfield

So yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to a presentation about aligning your finances with your values. It was all about investing your money to make money, but where we invest is also dictated by our beliefs, social responsibilities, and moral compass. It got me thinking, financial advisors are tailoring investments for their clients based on these things, shouldn't business owners be tailoring their marketing and promotional strategies as well?

Good Enough By Jennifer Eckfield

by Jennifer Eckfield

I woke up, day number two like Frankenstein, unable to move, but today I needed to get it together! Today was the first official Women in Business meeting of the year and I wanted to look presentable.

I am one of those women that loves her "active wear"! I am not active in my active wear (you have to make time for yourself to work out), but boy do I love it.

Don't Forget to Breathe By Kerry Alison Wekelo

By Kerry Alison Wekelo

Before you read any further, pause and notice how you are breathing.

Are you taking little sips of air, or do you fill your lungs up with deep breaths? Are your chest and belly tight or relaxed? Are you breathing fast or slow... or barely at all? You might be surprised to find that your breathing was tight or you were actually holding your breath