Kittatinny Valley State Park Andover

Kittatinny Valley State Park          Andover, Sussex County

So this is a pretty cool place.  Glacial lakes, limestone outcroppings, former railroads, and a small airport are features of Kittatinny Valley State Park. Lake Aeroflex and Gardner’s Pond form part of the headwaters of the Pequest River and are excellent for fishing and boating. This scenic property is home to a variety of wildlife such as whitetail deer, wild turkey, a variety of songbirds, beaver, muskrats, and squirrels. Love it, except the muskrat. Yuk.

New Jersey Nature Centers

Kids Love Nature Centers!   They can learn about animals and their habitats; hike during the day with a naturalist to learn about the environment; walk at night with a ranger who will teach you about the stars, the moon and nocturnal night time friends (bats and owls)! They even have Summer Camps!  Plus' Nature Centers are a great place for a birthday party too!    And parents love the fact that most programs are under $5 or even FREE!

Worthington State Forest Delaware Water Gap

Worthington State Forest Delaware Water Gap, Warren County

Before you go, make sure you read about the history of the area.  This place was dug out by a GLACIER!  Some of the most rugged terrain and splendid views of northern New Jersey are found in Worthington State Forest. A rocky and sometimes steep trail follows Dunnfield Creek from the Delaware River to Mount Tammany or hikers may choose to follow the trail to Sunfish Pond, one of the most popular sites in the area.

Wharton State Forest Hammonton

Wharton State Forest Hammonton, Atlantic County

History!  We love history. Check out Wharton State Forest to learn a bit about the history of Basto Village.  Wharton State Forest is the largest single tract of land within the New Jersey State Park System. It is also the site of Batsto Village, a former bog iron and glassmaking industrial center from 1766 to 1867 that currently reflects the agricultural and commercial enterprises that existed here during the late 19th century.

Wawayanda State Park Hewitt

Wawayanda State Park Hewitt, Passaic County

The quiet charm of Wawayanda appeals to hikers, campers, swimmers and boaters. Forested hills surround Lake Wawayanda creating a restful backdrop for canoeists, boaters and fisherman, while steep mountains challenge casual as well as serious hikers.

Washington Rock State Park Bridgewater

Washington Rock State Park Bridgewater, Somerset County

Educational Day Trip Alert!  Gosh I love NJ State Parks!  The strategic location of Washington Rock made it a valuable lookout point during the American Revolution for General George Washington in June of 1777 when the British army under General William Howe was moving toward Westfield. From the vantage point of this natural rock outcropping, General Washington had a thirty-mile panoramic view of the valley and was able to instruct his troops to circle behind Howe’s troops and cut off their retreat.

Warren Grove Recreation Area Tuckerton

Warren Grove Recreation Area     Tuckerton, Ocean County

Warren Grove Recreation Area is an undeveloped wilderness perfect for hiking and birding. This 617-acre parcel is just west of the town of Warren Grove and straddles Ocean and Burlington counties. 

Stokes State Forest Branchville

Stokes State Forest   Branchville, Somerset County

I have a friend named Chris Stokes. I wonder if he knows about this park.  There are breathtaking panoramic views from Sunrise Mountain along the Appalachian Trail.. now that is a good reason to hike at Stokes Forest.

Stephens State Park Hackettstown

Stephens State Park Hackettstown, Warren County

Ha!  Another great educational trip for the kids!  Less than one mile east along Waterloo Road at Saxton Falls are the remains of one of the Morris Canal’s twenty-three locks and a section of the old canal’s towpath. The original canal was 90 miles in length, stretching from Newark to Phillipsburg, and was used to ship coal and iron across the state. However, the canal could not compete with the development of the Morris and Essex Railroad in the late 1800s, and the canal was eventually abandoned.

Spruce Run Recreation Area Clinton

Spruce Run Recreation Area Clinton, Hunterdon County

This is a great place for a family day trip.  Put down those ipads and spend the day outdoors.  Surrounded by the rolling hills of Hunterdon County, Spruce Run Recreation Area is popular with picnickers, swimmers, fishermen, boaters and campers. The reservoir was one of the first water supply facilities to be constructed and operated by the state and covers 1,290 acres with 15 miles of shoreline for recreation.

Spruce Run is the third largest reservoir in the state after Round Valley and Wanaque reservoirs.

contact: 908-638-8572
address: Spruce Run Recreation Area, 68 Van Syckel's Road, Clinton, Hunterdon County